Starting summertime

Ah!   End of the schoolyear, first very warm days, last weeks working before vacation, parties-barbecues-picknicks-…., so many things happening now and me not having time for descent cooking or blogging.

But I managed some days ago to try the Baked Berbere seitan from  500 vegan recipes :

I used it in this Ethiopian Wat also from   500 vegan recipes:

And in “Dijon potatoes, marinated tomato salad & baked berbere seitan with panko crust“:

Dijon potatoes: sunfloweroil,  2 tbsp. mirin, 1 tbsp vinegar, rosemary, salt, 1 tbsp berrie-mustard from Dijon

Tomatoes: marinate with nutritional yeast flakes, balsamico vinegar, parsley, salt en pepper

Baked berbere seitan with a  panko crust from panko, turmeric and  paprikapowder.   Dredge them first through a mixture of soymilk and applesyrup.


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