Baked Mac and Cheeze & Oven-fried chik’n seitan

This ‘baked Mac and Cheeze‘ is simply delicious and is again from ‘Vegan YumYum‘.
I made a small adjustment : instead of tahini I used almond paste and didn’t not use any lemon juice.
Also: first I chopped one leek and 2  celery stalks, saute them in margarine and followed  the rest of the recipe.  Just  a matter of having  some vegetables for this diner. In principle, this dish is best when you would serve it with  a green salad on the side.

The ‘Oven-fried chik’n seitan‘ are from ‘Quick and Easy Vegan Comfort Food‘. Contrary to what one would expect these require little work and are  pretty cheap too.




  1. we loved the oven fried seitan and the baked mac and cheese is my go to recipe for a cheesy type of sauce as my kids love it. Never thought of serving the two together but I will remember it for the future!

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