Spaghetti with carrots in peanut butter sauce; a salad of lettuce dressed with oatnaise and topped with falafel

For this dish I sampled  recipes from 2 of my latest obtained vegan cookbooks but changed some things and ended doing things my own way.

3 carrots cut into matches
2 celery stalks finely cut
1 onion finely cut
garlic clove finely chopped
take peas (from freezer)

Steam the carrots for 5 min together with the peas
Fry the onion and the garlic,
Add celery
Add carrots and peas
Add peanut butter sauce (see below) plus you can add some fluid from the steamed vegetables.

For the peanut butter sauce I used the recipe from ‘Vegan yumyum‘.

For oatnaise:  I am fully experimenting with recipes for a vegan mayonnaise that is easy and fast to make and of which you don’t get an enormous quantity, that you have to finish within a few days. My first idea was to try it with oatcream because its pretty solid.

For this recipe I used:

oat cream
apple vinegar
apple syrup
salt and pepper

Very nice, but unfortunately it was still more a dressing than a mayonnaise.



    • Oh yes, now I see. I’m following you with Feedly and by mail. So I almost never visit your blog directly. I’m glad I didn’t pick the same colour 🙂

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