Lekker GEC & vegan pizza from the store

I’m already some days back from France but I’m still in holiday mood for food.  That means I’m not doing much in  my kitchen.  Instead we went out eating at ‘Lekker GEC’:

If you are ever in Gent, check this place out.  It’s vegan food, nothing special, but good and not to expensive.

You find it across the railway station (Sint-Pieters).  This place is actually only a few minutes walk from my work.  Still, I almost never go there.  I have a good reason for this.  Normally I’m finished working at 5, but boyfriend arrives at this railway station around 7.  Well you can guess, I don’t feel like waiting for 2 hours and I don’t want to cycle home and return one hour later.  But sometimes we manage to go overthere.

And this evening I was home alone: no daughter (she’s still in France) and the boyfriend staid in Brussel for a concert.  I cycled to the health food shop, hoping I would find a vegan meal that only needed some reheating.  I couldn’t believe my luck when I found for the first time ever a vegan pizza in a store:

I was a little disappointed it didn’t had any  faux cheese on it.  But the peperoni tasted good and the pizza was nicely spiced.




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