Artists, last week food and next days

Tomorrow I’m leaving for France for a few days.  I hope I will find some vegan food overthere that I can talk about.

This evening I really wanted to go to the opening of Ed Templeton’s exhibition overhere in Gent.   Helas, because of our trip tomorrow I’m not going to make it.

If you don’t know Ed Templeton: he’s a famous skater and artist and a vegan.

You can read more about him on his blog, but if you want to know where he goes for vegan food, check out his wife’s blog: we like to eat vegan

And this is some food we had last week:

Smooth curry carrot rice

Roasted cauliflower and shallots with millet, covered with roasted marinated tofu (from 1 000 vegan recipes)

Roasted roots, apple sauce and millet-balls




  1. Enjoy yourself in France! France isn’t known for being vegan-friendly, so I look forward to seeing what you find there 🙂

    The simplest dish up there, the roasted roots, apple sauce and millet-balls, looks deliciously earthy!

    • My boyfriends’ mother did all the cooking and she had a hard time to find something special for me. Actually she didn’t find anything: no veggie burgers, no tofu, … But she managed to cook totally vegan for me (and sometimes even for everyone), which was really great although the meals were very sober. Still, she did such a nice job and went through a lot of effort for me.

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