Radishes etc.

Last week I found some radishes in my vegetable subscription. At least,  I suspected they were radishes. I always thought those were more like a carrot and not small and round like an apple:

Most recipes for radishes that I found were supposed to eat them raw.  Since last week the weather was so cold for the time of the year, I prefered not to eat them  this way.  I was in need for something warm so I came up with  something Japanese that involved miso.  Unfortunately I did not really liked it so I didn’t write down the recipe.  I’m not going to make something in the future that I really didn’t like in the past.  It doesn’t mean  that the recipe failed,  because the boyfriend found it delicious.

And somehow I managed to take a picture of my plate without there is even a little radishe to see. It’s hiding beneath the tofu and the carrots.


One comment

  1. I think I’ve seen those balck ones around here, too. I never bought them. These vegetable boxes sound like a wonderful possibility to try something new.

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