The things I see … in our house (1 -4)

Twitter followers may have noticed already that I’m sharing pictures under the series ‘The things I see …’.  People who follow this blog may also have noticed that I’m not a big talker (or writer).  I’m not a person who like to talk a lot about her self and also I want to protect the privacy of my family.   (Teenage girl doesn’t like it to much when I publish things about her on the internet.  Even when it’s totally innocent facts like she doesn’t like or not chicory).   It doesn’t mean I don’t have anything to say or show.

In contrary, I always feel like I have a lot to share.  That’s one of the reasons I started this photography project: The things I see … in our house

These are the rules:

Shoot what you see in your house, but:
– Nothing is put in scene, you change nothing, show the things like they are
– I only edit with picasa
– Humans and other living creatures can be seen in the pictures, but not portraits, they can only be an attribute
– The intention is that the atmosphere of the house and the personality of the residents are displaid, or that people are curious to your home,  it’s the aesthetics of the things  itself  and the beauty of the detail, the volatile beautiful moment in the everyday, the history of your common everyday life, you learn to look different …

I’m not a professional photographer.  I only have a simple camera.  But walking around in my house, seeing things, trying to get the view, … it relaxes me.  And I like to share it with you.



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