White beans puff pastry triangles, leek rice and onion-porto sauce

For these I used some recipes from the dutch cookbook Vegetarisch genieten‘.

The onion-porto sauce: see red wine sauce fromVegetarisch genieten‘, p. 50

(The shallots were replaced by 1 / 2 onion and red wine by porto)

Leek  rice = rice with leeks snippets

( Vegetarisch genieten‘, same page) but without onions and without the wine.

White bean pastry triangles:
Thaw 6 sheets puff pastry.
Use 1 pot of white beans, mash the beans and add ingredients as from the falafel variant (Vegetarisch genieten‘, p. 177).
Put 1/6 of the filling on 1 sheet of puff pastry. Fold the sheet into a triangle and bake in the oven according to the instructions on the package.

I’m sorry I can’t publish more of the recipes instructions overhere.  They are copyright protected.  But if someone asks me friendly by mail, I wouldn’t mind writing down the recipe and send it over.



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