No Mieke’s tongue for my christmas diner

This was what we had on christmas evening:

Van TofuParty-soep
Van show my plate

A creamy cauliflower soup and homemade seitan in madeira sauce – green beans – potato twisters.

The madeira sauce is an old family tradition but it was the first I made it.  The reason for this is that my family used to serve it with calves tongue.  I can’t believe I have actually been eaten that as a child.  My grandparents bought every year a calve and every year it was slaughtered.  The meat was always divided between  my grandparents, my parents and my uncle.   They always saved the tongue for christmas evening.  The calve was every year named the same  ‘Mieke’.  As a teenager I suddenly realised I didn’t want to eat Mieke.  And logical if I didn’t wanted to eat Mieke I shouldn’t eat other animals too.  That’s how I became a vegetarian.



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