Corn pad thai

Van TofuParty dishes

I’m more a fan of fusion cooking than being a dedicated follower of traditional cooking.  It means you use something from one culture, borrow a little bit from thy neighbours, add a flavour from the other side of the world, …

Et voila, you get a dish that has leeks, corn, tofu, brown sugar, concentrated apple juice and chinese noodles all in one.

You can download the recipe here.
-> slice in small rectangles
-> marinate in
– 2 tbsp soysauce
– 1 tbsp mirin
– 1 tbsp concentrated applejuice
– 1 tsp paprikapowder
– 1/4 tsp cayennepowder

1 package chinese NOODLES, follow instructions on package for cooking
-> add some deepfrozen corn at the end

-> stir-fry the tofu in a wok with some wok oil
-> take away from heater after 5 minutes
-> empty the wok, add some new oil and reheat again

2 LEEKS, sliced

-> stir fry in wok

-> add 2 tbsp brown sugar
-> 1 tbsp rice vinegar
-> 1 tbsp soy sauce
-> 2 tbspl passata

-> after a few minutes add tofu

-> finally add the chinese noodles



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