Celeriac shepherd pie

I found a new way to do something with celeriac:

Van TofuParty dishes

2 kg potatoes
-> boil in water
-> mash with soymilk and butter
1 celeriac
-> cut in little pieces
1 onion
-> chop up

-> saute in some oil

-> add celeriac

-> add vegetable broth

-> bring to a boil

-> (warm your oven at180°C or 350 F)

-> after 10 to 15 min add passata

-> now add 2 tbsp capers
1/3 tsp chilipowder
dried little soy chunks or TVP

-> cook a few minutes more, take from the heat and let it rest for a while

-> put this in a ovendish and cover with the mashed potatoes

-> put some breadcrumbs on top and cover with some butterflakes

-> put in the oven for half an hourrecept staat al als download op onraad

Download recipe!



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