Tofu & red pepper sandwich spread

Last week I borowed the vegan lunch box from the EVA-library.  It’ such an inspiring cookbook.  Although I don’t think I will ever get up one hour earlier than my usual hour, for baking and cooking.  I really need my time to get awake in the morning.  And half of the time I’m looking ahead of a nine hours working day. Back from work it’s time to cook again. My half hour lunch break is used for grocery shopping.  That means I usually eat my lunch at my desk. Mostly around 10h30 because that’s the time I really, really get hungry.  Instead of getting a snack I eat  sandwiches that I prepared at home.

Mostly I use spreads that I buy in a wholefood shop.  But inspired by the vegan lunch box, I made my own.  This spread takes only 5 minutes to make.


Mash some tofu, add veganaise, tiny pieces of roasted red peppers (or a red pepper spread for bruchetta or something like that), some soy-sauce and black pepper.



  1. Beste Tofu Party,

    Yes, Vegan Lunch Box is a great resource, and your spread looks very good! It looks like tofu scramble (vegan scrambled egg). We add an ingredient called “black salt” that helps add a flavor similar to egg (black salt is available in Indian or Asian markets).


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