Fried tofu

I’ve got the idea for this recipe from this blog ‘Natuurlijk veganistisch’.  She has an english blog too, Happy Veganarian, but I couldn’t find the recipe for tofu filet on it.

Fried Tofu

1 block tofu
2 tbsp soy sauce
2 tbsp passata
1 tsp 5-spices
rice flour
nutritional yeast flakes
paprika powder

1. Slice your tofu in 3
2. Mix the soy sauce, passata and spice herbs.
3. Marinate the tofu slices in the mixture.
4. Mix the remaining ingredients
5. Coat the marinated tofu with the crumb-flour mixture.
6. Bake the tofu delicious crispy in a frying pan.

Again you can find a nice lay-outed downloadable pfd file overhere.

Of  course you can play around with this recipe as much as you like.  There are probably 1 000 different combinations of spicing it up.  Let me here about yours!



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