Endive soup – Veganmofo 2009

Look what I found in my vegetable subscription bag:





It”s an endive, and it’s huge.  You should have seen me on my bicycle. 

Well, the boyfriend didn’t eat at home last week and teenage girl and me aren’t to found of the bitternes of this vegetable.  I decided that I should try to prepare it in a way that would camouflage a little bit the bitter taste.  I also knew I had to make something that I could freeze, because this endive was so big, that we would never eat it all at once. 

That’s why I made a soup.  Because a soup you can easily blend with other flavours and you can put in your in freezer.  I used a leek, sauted it with some fresh ginger.  Added some carrots.  Sauted it a little bit more.  Added the endive and vegetable broth.  After 20 min. the soup was ready, but of course I blended it.  Guess what: it was the first time me and teenage girl could actually enjoy a little eating endive.

Van TofuParty-soep





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