Lombardia: a small review – Veganmofo 2009

Last weekend I visited Antwerp.  I was supposed to meet someone at Lombardia.  A fact I was really glad of, because I heard so much about this place. It doesn’t only serve vegan tiramisu and sandwiches, it’s also Moby’s caterer everytime he’s in the country. 

But, helas, I was a little bit disappointed.  Not only do they serve meat.  It’s tru, they have a lot of vegan choice, but it’s so expensive.  You can’t believe it.  Normally you pay something like 3 to 4 euro’s for a ‘belegd broodje’.  I ordered the ‘Tofu total’ and had to pay 8,90 euro.  In Gent I have to pay only 5 to 6 euro for a vegan burger in vegetarian fastfood restaurants.

For this I got a bun, not to small but no to big too, and between it: grated carrots, some salad leaves, luzerne, slice of baked marinated tofu, crackers and a  avocado spread.

In Gent I  pay 5 to 6 euro for a vegan burger in vegetarian fastfood restaurants.  The vegan tiramisu is 6,50 at Lombardia.  So, I didn’t buy that.  Probably I go back, once, to try out the tirasimu.  But I think that will be the only reason I ever go back.



  1. Even expensive, I think you should go back to try the vegan tiramisu!!! Oh, and I stayed a few hours in Gent in the end of July. but didn’t see the city or eat there =/

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