Celeriac pizza – Veganmofo 2009

October, except that it means Veganmofo, it also means the end of the summer vegetables.  Most typical pizza’s are decorated with summer vegetables as zucchini, eggplant, bell peppers, .. .  But on sunday I was in the mood for pizza and found only these vegetables in my fridge: a yellow bell pepper (ok), carrots (no), leek (ok), celeriac (why not?). 

Van TofuParty pizza

I cubed the celeriac and sauted it together with the bell pepper and two chopped leeks.  I also added some paprikapowder, oregano, salt & pepper.  For the decoration of the pizza: first some pasata, put on the vegetables, put on some sliced homemade vegan sausages and especially for teenager, some tofutti mozzarella cheese.  And for a nice picture, a cherry tomato in the middle 🙂


No. 10, veganmofo 2009





  1. I never know what to make with celeriac, except from frying and throwing into soup. This is so awesome, thanks for sharing.

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