Potato spinach squares – veganmofo 2009

Last weekend I was invited to a ‘cheese and wine’ evening at some friends home.  Luckely they included in their invitation the possibility to bring your own food.  So, what do you bring?  I know I didn’t want to go for a ‘faux cheese’.  Didn’t I have some cookbooks from a vegan who has a lot of experiences with potlucks?  And wasn’t her latest book specialized in brunches?  I guess I would find something in there.  I decided for the potato spinach squares and some tomato scones.

Van TofuParty sides


The scones were a big hit but it turned out that the potato spinach squares where not a good choice for a ‘cheese and wine’ evening.  People want to eat cheese, with bread.  So, next time I’ll go for a spread. 

Next day I served the potato spinach squares to my family, accompanied with some basmati rice and a tomato-pumpkin sauce.  And here, they were so perfect!

Van TofuParty dishes

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