A rose is not a madeleine

A while ago I finally got the fantastic cookbook “The vegan scoop ‘ in my hands. Although “The vegan scoop ‘  is a vegan ice-cream recipebook, the first recipe that catched my eye was the one for making madeleines. (I blame Proust) .
Unfortunately for this recipe you have to use a madeleine pan. But I don’t own one. But a few months ago I received as a  gift  a silicone baking form shaped as roses. This form was screaming for some time already, to get my attention.  I thought I could use  the recipe for madeleines for making small cakes roses.  I was so wrong!
After all it was not too bad, but the madeleine recipe deserves a real madeleine pan and the roses baking form it’s own small cakes in the form of a rose recipe (I will work on that one):
not so madeleines

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