Berlin report – day 2

On day two or our Berlin trip, we went to the tourist places.  I guess, like everyone, we were really impressed by the Holocaust memorial:

Van TofuParty in Berlin
Van TofuParty in Berlin
Van TofuParty in Berlin


After this we went to Potsdammer Platz:

Van TofuParty in Berlin
Van TofuParty in Berlin

These buildings are not real builings.  It’s canvas or something.

After this we walked all the way to the Bergmanstrasse in Kreuzberg.  Where we had a vegan hot dog.  No pictures, because I was so tired and hungry.  (We did everything by foot that day, except for returning to our appartement in the evening which was in the Invalidenstrasse (Mitte), so the people who know Berlin, yes we did a lot of walking that day).

After the hot dog we did some window-shopping and had an vegan ice-cream at Tanne B:

Van TofuParty in Berlin
Van TofuParty in Berlin

For dinner we went to Food-o-rama.  I was very curious about this restaurant, because it claims to be the first climat-neutral restaurant.      But this restaurant was one big disappointement.  There was almost no choice for vegetarians let stand for vegans.  So, I can’t understand how they can claim to be  climat-neutral.   Our waitress was very unfriendly.  The portions were really small and nothing special.  Immediately we were all missing Hans Wurst already.  So, no pictures, because I was angry or well disapointed.  I had 

Osaka Dreams

Mediterranean vegetables and smoked tofu on a skewer

with pesto and basmati rice

 I think it was totally vegan but I’m not sure.  I didn’t want to ask the unfriendly waitress.  So, I thought, well I just give this place a bad review on the internet.  So, all you vegans and vegetarians, you better don’t go overthere.

Lucky we still had these vegan gummy bears to cheer us up:

Van TofuParty in Berlin

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