Sweet birthday food

Last week teenage girl turned 15 years old.  We invited the family over for a traditional birthday party.  I was a little bit nervous because it would be the first time I would make so many vegan pies for people who never had vegan food before.  But I shouldn’t have be worried because everything turned out nice.  I even recieved a lot of compliments like “this is the best rice pie I ever had”.  Not bad, when you think I used my own recipe.

Van TofuParty-bakery
Van TofuParty-bakery
Van TofuParty-bakery

Marbled cupcakes with and without decoration.  I used two basic recipes, one vanilla and one chocolate, from ‘Vegan cupcakes take over the world’ and poured them together in the liners. 


Van TofuParty-bakery

Lemon cheesecake from the ‘Joy of vegan baking’.  We are official addicted to this pie now.

Van TofuParty-bakery


My own rice pie.  With a little bit of ‘changement’ at the recipe.  Soon, I will post it at my Vegweb profile.



  1. It all looks great. Now I’ll have to make my own lemon cheesecake and don’t forget to post the recipe for your rice pie it looks delicious.
    p.s. my Mom was thrilled that she got a mention a while back – she gave you a gold star for your Veggie222 recipe – I just had to explain to her what a blog is.

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