It seems like a lot of people are leaving the blogo sphere. But not this girl.  I’m staying and keep showing you my vegan food.

Ok, lately it’s nothing very special or very inspired or new or ….

But I have my reasons: recently I started working as a volunteer for the EVA library.  EVA  is the Flemish Vegetarian Organisation, who are even worldwide famous.  Working in the EVA library has two big benefits:

– they have almost every vegan cookbook that was published in the last years (and a lot of other cookbooks too).  As being a person with a big passion for (vegan)cookbooks, it’s like being able to work in heaven.

– I’m responsible for the magazines.  That means I can take home magazines like Vegnews, The vegan, ….   I’m so lucky!!!!   

Helas, it also means more work that has to be done during my free time and less time for cooking and baking. 




  From ‘How it all vegan!’

Van TofuParty dishes

Rice with green peas & carrots.  Simple, but I do like the colours so much!


Van TofuParty dishes


3 delicious dishes combined:

– Glazed carrots with balsamico & garlic (How to cook everything vegetarian)

– Couscous pilav with sundried tomatos (How to cook everything vegetarian)

– Spinach-mushroom phyllo triangles (Vegan planet)

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  1. Wow! Congrats on the new volunteer job. That sounds like paradise. The phyllo triangles look so yummy! And oh, I love rice with peas and carrots.

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