2 x vegan soup

Since my vegetable subscription it happens a lot that I’m having to many vegetables in my fridge.  I have only finished my bag of carrots and look they gave me a new one.  Or worse they’re given me chicory again.  Oh no!!!  Teenage girl and me aren’t that big fans of chicory.  We keep having troubles with the bitterness.    But I found the solution.  I make soup.  This way, we only have to eat a little bit of it and the rest can go in the freezer.  Boyfriend likes chicory so now he can have it when he wants to.

Van TofuParty-soep

I used a recipe from ‘Vegetarisch genieten’.  It uses vanilla in it.  I thought that would do the trick to me in liking chicory a little bit more.  But it didn’t.  I served the soup with croutons made from homemade bread.


Van TofuParty-soep


And more soup but this time with  vegetables I’m really fond of: broccoli & zucchini.

Again from a recipe from ‘Vegetarisch genieten’ that I veganized by using soymilk instead of plain milk.


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