Birthday party

I have been neglecting you.  But you know how life goes.  Sometimes it can be suddenly very busy. 

I have a lot of pictures to share but unfortunalety no recipes because I did’n write any down.

Most food is from my birthdayparty.  I organised a ‘drunch’ and asked people to bring some veggie food.  It was very fun with plenty of food.  The food on the pictures were my share.  The quiches didn’t turn out very well, but that was because I was in such a hurry baking them.  The muffins were a big hit and I didn’t forget to remind people that they didn’t have any dairy 🙂


Van TofuParty sides
Van TofuParty dishes
Van TofuParty-bakery
Van TofuParty-bakery
Van TofuParty pizza
Van TofuParty sides


Hummus and apple-muffins are from Veganomicon.



  1. Pasta with spinach and mushroom pie, looks good and delicious.. I would love to have that on my coming birthday party… Thanks for sharing these yummy treats.. 🙂

  2. Looks delicious! Glad to see there ARE other veg*ns in Belgium. I’m an expat living here. I’ll be searching your archives for where to buy faux cheeses and seitan. In Hainaut, where I live, I’ve had no luck. Thanks for the great pics, and Happy Birthday

    • Karena, first thank you and I’m living in the flemish part of the country which is more vegetarian/vegan friendly then the french part. So, I guess it will be more difficult for you to find faux cheeses and seitan. I don’t know if you know this blog:, she’s a Canadian vegan living in Brussels. So, maybe, she can help you too.

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