4x ‘tofu-ricotta’

I made some tofu-ricotta and managed to find 4 uses for it.

First I made this ‘postelein-risotto with tofu-ricotta’ and served it with some lentil-carrot balls:

Van TofuParty dishes

One day later, I made with the leftovers a simple  pasta-dish:

Van TofuParty dishes

 Pasta with lentil-carrot balls in a tomato-‘tofu-ricotta’ sauce

Van TofuParty dishes

But I still had some tofu-ricotta left.  By coincidence I read this awesome comment on my blog by Lee Ann.  She wrote that her 78-year old mother gave my broccolini di parma or better now as haunted by  222  recipe a golden star.  I was so honored by this.  That I immediately wanted to make  this again.  But I changed it a little bit. (because I still had some ‘tofu-ricotta’ leftovers’.

Chickpeaflour pancakes topped with red pepper-‘tofu-ricotta’ and a broccoli-lambs ear lettuce salad :

Van TofuParty dishes

And this is only a picture showing off with my pancakes:

Van TofuParty sides


And finally ‘tofu-ricotta with red peppers’  turned out to be a very good sandwich spread too!!!



– 1 package of tofu

– dried basil

– 1 tsp salt

– 1 tsp garlic powder

– 1 tsp grated lemon zest

– 1 tsp sweetener

Mash the tofu and add al the other ingredients.


Fry 1 cup risotto-rice in some olive oil.  Add 2 cups vegetable broth spoon by spoon.

In the end add your postelein.  Stirr very well. And finally add some of your ‘tofu-ricotta’.


– 1 pot lentils

– 1 big carrot

– 2 tbsp almondmeal

– 1 tbsp chickpeaflour

– 3 tbsp glutenflour

– lemonzest, salt & pepper

  1. Chop your carrot and steam it.
  2. Put your carrot in your blender together with lentils, almond meal, spices and some carrot liquid.
  3. Add the other flour and knead your batter.
  4. Shape into little balls
  5. Ready to fry.

Chickpeaflour pancakes topped with red pepper-‘tofu-ricotta’ and a broccoli-lambs ear lettuce salad

The originial recipe is found here.  For this one I added some pureed red peppers to my ricotta and for the salad I steamed some broccoli and tossed it together with some lambs ear lettuce, pineapple nuts and a balsamico-oil dressing.

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  1. I’m sorry but I forgot to mention an ingredient in my recipe for tofu-ricotta.
    It should have 1 tbsp of white balsamico vinegar.


    you can find a picture of postelein here:

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