Food for a 16-year old vegan, in need.

 Friday-evening I was at a gig, when I noticed that someone had left a message on my cell-phone.  It was the 16 years-old son of a friend with a request.  Next day he was having his birthday-party and one of his friends was a vegan.  “Would it be possible to make a vegan treat for his friend”?  Of course I couldn’t refuse.  Actually I was having some guest too on saturday, but having little time, I couldn’t do anything special:

Van TofuParty-bakery


I know you have seen these kinds of vegan cupcakes million times before, but they are always a nice treat. 

That same day, I received another request by text-message:

 “Would it be possible to make something for dinner too for the vegan guest?”. 

 I responded: “What are the other guests eating?”. 

“Pizza from the freezer. ”

Well, the vegan boy had this home-made fresh pizza:

Van TofuParty pizza

And of course, I made 3 more for us.


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