Apple cake

 I knew when I finally had my freezer I was going to stuff it with soy -icecream.  And I also knew that my first vegan icecream in my own house, since a very long time, was going te be a special one.

So I did: I made this awesome apple-cake:

Van TofuParty-bakery


And served it with some vanilla soy-icecream:

Van TofuParty-bakery


And when I was busy baking, I also baked my own bread:

Van TofuParty-bakery


I wish I had time to do this every day.  But I don’t, I’m sorry.  But at this point I have to read more than 700 vegan posts in my reader.  I’ll try to ad some comments in the near future.  I promise.

Almost forgot: the apple cake was a mash-up from two recipes.  The top and the idea is from  ‘The joy of vegan baking’. (German apple cake) , the bottom is the vegan sponge cake from ‘Another dinner is possible’.


  1. What can be better than apple cake and vanilla ice cream?

    That bread looks great too! What kind of flour did you use, I like the colour. Is there rye in it?

  2. Hey Mihl,

    Yes indeed! I used rye in combination with plain flour. They were the only ones I had in the house at that moment.

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