Stirfried vegetables in teenager asian sauce on noodles topped with scrambled tofu

Van TofuParty dishes


It was about time I finally made something that showed my motto.

I know most people make scrambled tofu as a breakfast or for brunch.  But I like things different.  Well this was great. 

Infact I wanted to make a typical chinese restaurant dish where you get scrambled eggs tossed in with the vegetables and the sauce.  But then I changed my mind, the scrambled tofu was looking so delicious that I thought it would be a waste to hide them in a sauce.  So, I served it on top.  So good!!!

I only had carrots and mushrooms in the house, so that’s what I used for my stirfrying vegetables.  Of course you can use other vegetables too, but I really like the combination of these two with my teenager asian sauce.

So here we go:

slice your vegetables, stir fry in a wok and add your teenager asian sauce.  Serve this on top of noodles together with scrambled tofu.

For the tofu I used only some basics: like soy sauce, nutrional yeast flakes, turmeric and some pepper.

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