Soup, soup & a soup

These must be the last of the cold days for this season.  I’m desperately waiting for the spring.  In the meanwhile I’m having this comforting soups:

Van TofuParty-soep

Green cabbage soup with potato-dumplings (recipe follows).

Van TofuParty-soep

Parsnip & sesame soup from Vegan Vitality

Instead of the sesame seeds I used some tahin.  And I also added some carrots.

Van TofuParty-soep

Tomato cabbage soup from ‘La dolce vegan’



Shop up two garlic cloves.

Saute them in some oil together with a chopped up 1/2 green cabbage and a few sliced carrots.

Add some cubed tomatoes and 1/2 l vegetable broth.

Let this sudder for 20 min.

Spice this up with paprikapowder, salt, pepper, 1 tbsp apple-vinegar and 1 tbsp molasses.

Drop the potato-dumpling mixture softly with a spoon one by one in the soup.

Let this sudder for more or less 10 min.  In the end add some chickpeas.


Mix mashed potatoes with wheatflour, chickpea flour and a little bit of soy-cream.



  1. These don’t seem to be the last days of winter, at least not here in Germany. Can you believe it started snowing again? Thank God for these awesome soups!

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