Rice balls and filled green cabbage packages topped with tomato sauce

Another one I’m a little proud of because I thought it was going to be hard to do.  But no way, this was quiet easy.


Van TofuParty dishes

 And this is how the cabbage looks inside:

Van TofuParty dishes


Steam 6 leaves of your cabbage.  I filled them with some kind of minced soy-meat.

Now you can make packages of them.  Place them in an ovendish and pour over your tomato sauce.

For the tomato-sauce I used the one from ‘La Dolce Vegan’.  Infact the whole thing was inspired by a recipe from this book.

Put in the oven at 175°C, 20 to 25 min.

The rice balls were made from leftover cooked rice.  Mix the rice with some soy-cream cheese (Tofutti).  Now you can roll little balls from it.  Roll each ball in fine cornmeal and fry them in a pan.



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