Celebrating again

HIP HIP HOORAY!  I’m celebrating Tofuparty‘s anniversary.  One year!!!

Helas I’m such a bad blogparent.  I forgot to prepare something with tofu.  And you really can’t celebrate Tofuparty‘s anniversary without something tofu-ish in this post. 

Luckily I discovered I still hadn’t show our christmas-evening meal:

Van TofuParty dishes


Maybe this looks like a strange meal for christmas for some people.  I can explain in a few words: I’m not so much into traditions and I was very busy with the ‘Cupcakes for life’ so I didn’t had much energy left for a big meal:

Van TofuParty dishes


On the left: marinated TOFU

On the right: carrot-quiche

In the middle: my invention for that evening:

mashed potatoes mixed with some baking flour and chickpea-flour.  Take a big hump, knead a little bit like a dough and give it a shape (for mine I used cookie-cutters, and shaped some into a ball).  Now you can bake them in the oven.



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