Light lemon bundt cake

I forgot to mention that dj-boyfriend gave me some nice presents for my christmas.  He didn’t gave me 1 cookbook, no, he gave me four.  This is my list:

  1. The Joy of Vegan Baking: The Compassionate Cooks’ Recipes for Sweets and Traditional Treats
  2. Hot Damn and Hell Yeah! Recipies for Hungry Banditos and the Dirty South Vegan Cookbook
  3. Please Feed Me: A Punk Vegan Cookbook
  4. Real Food Daily Cookbook: Really Fresh, Really Good, Really Vegetarian


Last week I made the ‘Light lemon bundt cake’ from ‘The joy of vegan baking’.

Van TofuParty-bakery



I couldn’t believe how hard this cake rised.  Already, I want to recommend this book to everyone.



  1. Hey Mihl,

    I really should learn to write better English. I ment that the rising went really well. So amazingly well, that I wanted to share it with the world as you can so at the picture.

  2. That cake looks really good!! I’m still trying to make some good vegan cookies. The only vegan baked food that I’ve made successfully is Chocolate Vegan Cupcakes!

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