Red cabbage, mushroom bulgur, tofu sausage and a salad with tahini-dressing

So, what did I do with my first subscribed vegetables?

Starting from clockwise top-left:

Mushroom bulgur

For this I sauted some chopped mushrooms with a little bit of soy-sauce.  After 5 min I addes some bulgur, stirred and added water.  After 10 min. boiling this is ready.

Red cabbage with apples

Chop 1/2 red cabbage and 2 apples.  Put evering together in a pot.  Ad 1 tablespoon olive oil,  a little bit of water, 2 tbsp apple-syrup and 1 tbsp sugar.  Bring to a boil.  After half an hour this wil be ready.

Taifun sausage

They’re one my favorite brands.  Check out their website.  It has some nice pictures, fun history reading and recipes!!!

Salad with tahin dressing

The dressing was based on ‘Teresa’s dressing’ from ‘La dolce vegan’ but without the ginger and garlic.


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