White bean patties

I’m still having a lot of problems with my laptop.  It’s not working anymore half of the time.  But luckely dj-boyfriend finally bought himself a laptop too.  Now I’m saving all my precious files to his and will never be out of computer anymore.

More good news: the extra-ordinary cold weather is almost finished. 

I made these patties a while ago:

White bean patties
White bean patties

These are so easy and cheap to make.  They”re having the same basic cooking technique as the ‘little carrot burgers’:

  • 1 pot of white beans
  • chickpea-flour
  • breadcrumbs
  • gluten flour
  • soysauce

Mash everything together, knead, shape in balls and flat them.  And hup you go they are ready to fry in a  pan.

I served them with some leftover marinated tofu on top of a salad and with oven french fries.



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