Rice pudding

I started my new year in a happy way, but soon I was a lot less happier.  Computer troubles!!!  The dashboard of my laptop wasn’t working anymore.  I could work around with my mouse and even going online, but I couldn’t type a thing.  And when you can’t type, you can’t also give your passwords.  So no blogging, no facebook, no comments writing, well a lot of no.   I suspect the cold (we’re having the coldest nights in ten years). 

Luckely their is rice pudding.

Actually this is already from more than one month ago.  I made it for teenager’s exams. Of which I still have to tell you that they went really well.

  • – 1/2 l soymilk
  • 1/4 l soycream
  • 125 g dessert(rice)
  • saffron
  • 1 package vanillasugar
  • salt
  • 2 tbsp sugar
  • blond sugar?
  1. Bring the soymilk and the soycream together to a boil, together with the saffron, vanilla-sugar and some salt.
  2. Add the rice and keep it soft boiling for 40 min.  Don’t forget to stir often and a while.
  3. When the rice is done, add the sugar.
  4. Serve the ricepudding in seperate bowls and put some blond sugar on top.

One comment

  1. I am sorry to hear that.
    My MP 3 player also gave up during the last cold days! We had -18°C one morning and I walked to work, which my player didn’t like so much. It works again, though.

    That’s a really nice pudding picture. I hope the food keeps you warm.

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