Cocoa-coconut chili

Teenage girl is having exams again.  That means for me that it’s that time again to spoil her on food.

I decided on the ‘Cacao-coconut chili’ from ‘Eat, drink & be vegan’.  What girl wouldn’t like a dinner meal which contains a chocolate flavour? Well, it looks like she wasn’t that found of it at all.  Probably because it has coconut in it, and teenage girl doesn’t like that too much.  For me I was crazy about it.  I almost felt like eating a ‘bounty’ for dinner.  One of my favourtie candies, but for obvious reasons, haven’t been eating it for a long time.

Cacao-coconut chili
Cocoa-coconut chili


I changed the recipe a little bit.  I only added black beans and didn’t add a pepper, allspice or corn kernels.  Instead I served it with tortilla chips.  This dish is quiet heavy on the stomach.

PS: In dutch we say CACAO for COCOA.  Very confusing!



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