Pizza with ‘cheezy’ sauce

The other day I wanted to make a pizza but didn’t had any faux cheese in the house.  I know I don’t need them to make a delicious pizza, but I also know that teenage girl doesn’t agree on it.  And we had a friend of her staying over, so of course I had to do what a mum is supposed to do.  (Not making weird food!)

I remembered that my favourite ‘Cheezy’ sauce from ‘Another dinner is possible’ had a pizza-version.  I decided to give it a try, but changed it a little bit.  I also added some mashed tofu too it, with this result:

Pizza with cheeze sauce, unbaked
Pizza with 'cheezy' sauce, unbaked

What else did I put on the pizza?

passata, tofu-sausages, spinach and mushrooms in lemonjuice.

And this how it looked like after the oven:

Pizza with cheezy sauce
Pizza with 'cheezy sauce'


Personally I thought the taste was better like this and it’s cheaper.  But it is also a little bit more of work.

Teenage girl didn’t like the mustard taste in the beginning, but after a while she started to like it.  So, next time I’ll try to change the flavour a little bit.


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