Mushroom quinoa pilaf

I have actually some new and exciting food to post, but my life at this moment is still very confusing and busy.  But I promise this weeked I’ll show you some great stuff.

Meanwhile I want to share this picture from a great recipe from ‘Get it ripe’:

Mushroom quinoa pilaf
Mushroom quinoa pilaf


It’s in the back of the picture. 


  1. I’ve decided to include more quinoa in my diet, so it would be a great idea to try this (or how I think this is cooked, since I don’t own that cookbook). Plain quinoa isn’t really my favorite and I need ideas to dress it up!

  2. Hello! I found your blog via WordPress (WP included one of my posts in the automatically generated “related” posts.) I am originally from Belgium, I have one teenage daughter (so far — the second is definitely ready to be a teen), and we are vegetarian (but my girls are so in love with cheese I don’t think long-term veganism is an option for us any time soon). I will definitely have to check out more of your blog.

    We love quinoa — it cooks up so nice and fluffy, and the nutty taste is delicious. My younger daughter always asks me to cook too much quinoa, because she likes to reheat the leftovers for breakfast.


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