New schnitzel in town

Yes, there is a new schnitzel in town.  And they sell it in the supermarket, between lots of other vegetarian schnitzels.  But this time I was lucky, because the new one, is a vegan one.  They’re selling them with big promotions now as an introduction.  So, of course I had to take them home.  Especially for teenage girl, because she likes all kind of schnitzels a lot.  But I never bought them anymore, because none of them were vegan.

If you want more information about this product, you find it here.  By the way they call it a filet, and they have two kinds: spicy and less spicy, but also nuggets.

We had the spicy ones, and guess: we all liked them.  The crust was actually the best crust I ever tasted.  It had  way more flavours in it.

I’m glad that I have a big tip now for when someone else wants to cook for me.  I wouldn’t mind getting them served as a meat-replacer.


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