Stuffed tortillas

When I don’t have much inspiration for a meal and I want to do something easy and fast, I dare to grab for some supermarket tortilla’s.  Usual I have some in my cupboard.  But the last two times I did something special with them.

Oven baked stuffed tortillas
Oven baked stuffed tortillas
I filled them with some leftover-rice, leftover chili-sauce and put some mozarella-tofutti on top.  Folded the thing and put in the oven for 15 min (200°C).  If you wish you could serve a great green salad with in, and you would have a complete meal.
I also filled them like this:
Multicultural easyness
Multicultural easyness
I gave it this name because it has food from several continents:
tortilla (South-America),
chinese cabbage (Asia),
pitta-seitan (Middle-east),
a turnip (Europe)
and on top some ketchup (North-America).

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