I finally did it.  A lot of vegan bloggers talked about it.  And a few of them even went so far in telling that they were the true and only last one to make these famous sausages.  But, they were all lying, because I am in fact the last one in the vegan blogging world to make Julie Hasson’s Spicy italian sausages.

Italian spicy sausages
Italian spicy sausages
It was really amazingly easy to make them.  And the taste was great.  But we were not totally satisfied about the texture.  Maybe, I did something wrong.  After they were boiled, I took them out of the foil and let them get cold like that.  I didn’t put them in the fridge.  And reheated them afterwards with a little bit of oil in a frying pan.  Does anyone have a tip?
I served them with the lemony roasted potatoes from the great ‘Veganomicon’.  A dish I changed a little bit by adding some tomatopaste and vegetables to it. 
Spicy italian sausages with lemony tomato roasted potatoes
Spicy italian sausages with lemony tomato roasted potatoes


  1. What was wrong with the texture? I made these twice and one time they cam out very soft and the other time they were quite tough. I liked both versions, but I still have to figure out what exactly leads to which texture.

  2. Mine were quiet tough. A little bit to tough to serve like this. But probably perfectly good sliced on a sandwich or in pieces. But I was expecting a soft sausage. But I think I will experiment more with them.

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