A little celebration

Maybe some of you noticed, but I stopped counting my Veganmofo posts a few days ago.  There was only one reason for it: I reached number 20.    As a celebration I wanted to share a recipe I’m very proud of:

Broccoli quiche
Broccoli quiche


I know, another quiche.  AGAIN!!!!  But look at it.  Do you think anyone can guess this one doesn’t have any eggs or diary inside?

This is how I made the filling:

Mix in your foodproccessor (or blender) a package of silken tofu, 2 tbsp tahin, 3 tbsp chickpea-flour, soy-cream, and spices.  I’m not given directions of spices because the combination of the ones I used wheren’t perfect yet. 

After this stir in egg-replacer (eq. 1 egg).

Put this mixture on top of your steamed broccoli.

Celebrating Veganmofo broccoli quiche
Celebrating Veganmofo broccoli quiche


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