A vegan chocolate bomb

Today I only had to go to work for half a day.  Normally that’s the time I go home, clean up, maybe some baking and catch up with my blog and reading other blogs.  But not today.  Oh no.  Today my house was full with men (well 2), walking around with wood, isolation stuff.  And there was a lot of noise.  And (little) stones were fallen down everywhere.  What a mess.  You can’t believe it.  No way I could stay in my house.

And then I remembered. A few weeks ago I read that Greenway was offering a vegan chocolate bomb as dessert for this month.  “OKAY, now I have a goal for this afternoon.”

So, me and the teenager up we go.  We ordered both one.  I liked it, but teenage girl not.  But now you are the lucky ones, because I brought it back home and now I can share it with you girls and guys:

Greenways vegan chocolate bomb
Greenway's vegan chocolate bomb

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