Cappelletti with walnutsauce (Veganmofo, no. 17)

Autumn: time for walnuts.  If your lucky, like me, your boss has a lot of walnuttrees at home and likes to share them with his employees.  And if you’re even more luckily a co-worker gives you inspiration for diner when he starts to talk about the great dish with walnuts he sometimes makes from a vegetarian cookbook ‘Vegetarische variaties’.  And guess, I own the same one.  Time to veganize a recipe.

Cappelletti with walnutsauce
Cappelletti with walnutsauce



Put 3 dl oatcream in a pan and bring to a boil.  Let it boil for a 10 min. 

Ad 2 tbsp (walnut)oil, 60 g chopped walnuts, nutritional yeast flakes, pepper and salt.

Thats all.  Serve with some pasta.  I used this filled cappelletti that I found in the wholefood shop.


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