French fries

I told you yesterday that in my younger years I had to eat boiled patatoes 6 times a week.  Guess what was I eaten on the seventh day?

Big clue: I’m a Belgian.  And it’s not waffles or chocolate.

Yes, french fries!!!!

French fries
French fries

Now I use the oven-method as you can see.



  1. I really love potatoes in every form. Of course, German meals include a lot of them too (the “Salzkartoffel” thing).
    Years ago I had to cook for my father and he told me he wanted bratwurst and a vegetable I don’t remember. I cooked that although I was a vegetarian. When he came home he was shocked. “Where are the potatoes?” he asked. I replied that he hadn’t mentioned them before and he said: “Potatoes don’t have to be mentioned, every meal includes potatoes.”

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