Yes, VEGANMOFO starts today.  And I’m joining.  I’ve been cheating a little bit and have been saving up posts.  But for my first post I wanted to have a really good one.  And I decided on this one:

Why?  Because this dish is perfect.  Just what a woman need, ideal for a autumn weekday after a hard day of work.  It’s a easy, fast and fancy meal.    And you know what: this was the first time that teenage girl really liked having to eat tempeh.

Unluckely, it’s not mine recipe.  I took it from Leah Lenemans ‘Soya foods cookery’.  But I think she published it in one of her other books too.  I did change it a little bit: instead of the tofu blended with some oil, I used almond-cream.  (I wanted to use oat-cream, but it was sold out.)

And I served it with some gnocchi.  I didn’t make them myself, they are from the supermarket.  Sometimes it only needs this, take the time to look around in your supermarket, make some discoverings and, become a very happy vegan girl.



  1. This looks so yummy. I can’t wait for it to cool off here so I can eat things like this. I’ll deinitely be back for ideas on this dish.

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