Cumcumber salad

Like most people, we have been eating a lot of cumcumber this summer.  At this moment I’m enjoying the last warm and sunny minutes of this year.  Tomorrow it’s going to be colder and tuesday we will have real autum weather on us.  So cumcumber will not be on the menu anymore for months.

Well any excuse is good enough for wanna show this picture of a simple cumcumber salad:

For the dressing: stir some soy-cream, balsamico vinegar and dill together.


  1. I’m so stupid sometimes: writing cumcumber instead of cucumber. In dutch we say: komkommer. A funny word with 3 times mmm in it. But I hope I never forget now, in English only one M.

  2. fresh cucumber is good no matter how you make it! i like this variation though; it sounds delicious!

    and don’t worry about your typo; it’s perfectly logical since in dutch it is komkommer. 🙂

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