Broccoli-mushroom-walnut pasta

Finally, I made it to the farmers-market which is the closest to my home.  It’s every wednesday afternoon.  That means already I can only go every two weeks.  People told me they were selling organic food at the market.  And it had local farmers selling their vegetables and fruit.

Can you imagine I was a little bit disappointed to find only 5 stalls: one with vegetables (and not so much local or organic to see), one with fruit (same thing), one with potatoes (I didn’t need any), bread (organic, but they have a shop not to far away too) and flowers (I  never, never buy flowers).

Still, I bought a lot of vegetables and some fruit and the first walnuts for this year.  And back at home I found this recipe on the internet:

Broccoli-mushroom-walnut pasta on the blog of Eat-air: a vegan food log


It wasn’t her own recipe (but from Vive le vegan).  And it shows more the idea of a recipe, no measures.  That’s probably the reason I found this dish could have used more flavours. (I should have put in more spices by myself).


One comment

  1. The closest dfarmers market to my house also only has five stalls. And I never feel like biking to the other end of town to get my vegetables…
    Broccoli mushroom wanut pasta sounds great!

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