Sunday breakfast

OK, yesterday is was sunday.  And on sunday’s we have the tradition of getting up late.  Going to a bakery.  Buy some buns and sweet-buttery things.  We have a name for them in dutch ‘ontbijtkoeken’.  In a literally translation it would say ‘breakfastcookies’.  But they are not exactly cookies, it’s more like rolls, filled croisants, …  Of course these things aren’t vegan.  So, the last months I didn’t buy them anymore for myself.  But the rest of my little family was still having them. 

Yesterday I decided to make a sweet, buttery, vegan thing for myself and for the rest of the family.  In this way they would have a vegan sunday breakfast too.  And the more vegan food you can put in other’s people mouth, the less space they have left in their stomach for non-vegan food.

Oatmeal raisin rolls
Oatmeal raisin rolls


I used the recipe from ‘My sweet vegan’.  They were fulfilling, sweet (but not to much) and not to hard work.  So, yes, they were worth to get up early on a sunday for serving them as a good sunday breakfast.

Oatmeal raising rolls
Oatmeal raising rolls


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