Some food from last week

Only showing some pictures of food we had last week.  Of course I prepared some other food too, but I made this big promise to myself: ‘You should only talk and write about food on your blog you never, ever and ever, prepared before in this way’.  So here we go: everytime I make something new, you find it overhere:

Wolffies nutritional yeast cheese sauce
Wolffie's nutritional yeast 'cheese' sauce
I found the recipe for the sauce in ‘La dolce vegan’.  The taste goes more to a gravy than a typical vegan ‘cheese’ sauce.
Potato and lentil bake
Potato and lentil bake
Again a nice dish from Leah Leneman.  This one is from ‘The single vegan’.


  1. Both looks yummy!

    I like the idea of posting only the new stuff! Blogging has made me pretty creative too. I bake and cook much more diffeerent and new things than before.

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