Belgian french fries

What’s the biggest challenge as a Belgian mother in trying to feed your teenage kid in a happy but healty way?

Two words: french fries (which should be called Belgian fries).  We live in the country where you can buy them at a ‘frituur’ at almost every corner.  Whe have one 100 m from our house.  And in a circle of 1 km around our house, I think there are at least five more.  Most of them use fresh potatoes.  But I have no idea which grease they use. 

Most Belgian households go at least once a week to a frituur.  And most teenagers can eat french fries every day.  So, it was time for me, to take the big challenge and make my own french fries.  But without a deepfrying pan.  I don’t have one, and I’m not planning in buying one.  Fortunately what I do have is a VEGANOMICON, with it’s recipe for french baked potatoes.

And when you take the challenge, why not going for the really big one.  Let’s pretend we’re going for a real fast food diner.  Yes, make a burger with it, put it between a bun, and there you go.

Frech baked potatoes and tofu-cutlet
French baked potatoes and tofu-cutlet

Teenage girl hase never been happier with a meal.  Especially the french fries.  For the tofu-burger I made the recipe for chickpea-cutlets from Veganomicon, but replaced the chickpeas for some tofu.  Like this the burger was a little bit more chewier, so next time I try to make them flatter.


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